about my work

Travelling around the mediterranean and living abroad in european cities made me feel very nostalgic about all the things that shape my greek identity. The light of the greek sun, the endless variations of blue at the sea and sky in Greece, the  summers in the islands, the food, the music.

All these aspects have formed my aesthetics and through the years made me realise the importance of simplicity, the joy of imperfection, the priceless value  of a hand made piece made from an artisan.

In my work everything is made by my hands. It is a very important aspect of my work through the whole process the pieces to be worked only by me. I  form an object while I work on it, nothing is pre decided but  I am always driven instictively from simplicity. I use a very basic technique, this of layer and I have a special passion for little adding's on a piece, like handles etc.

 All of the ceramics I create are to be used , decorate and celebrate the every day life.

*all the materials follow the European legislation for food safe materials.



Angelika originates from Corfu,Greece.
She holds a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Interior design and a MA (Masters of Arts) in Ceramics.
She has participated in different exhibitions around europe and she is cooperating with museum art shops, architects, art collectors and other artists. She  is always open in different ideas and projects that aim to discover the unlimited outcomes of clay. 

She currently lives in Barcelona,Spain.