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My Story 

       Living abroad in european cities made me feel very nostalgic about all the things that shape my greek identity. The radiant greek sun, the infinite shades of blue at the sea and sky in Greece, the  summers in the islands, the food, the music. 

Traveling throughout the Mediterranean, I came to appreciate the profound significance of communal gatherings, the act of coming together with your nearest and dearest to share affectionately humble meals and cherish these moments,  exactly  like our ancestors cherished, celebrated, and sought to embrace in their daily rituals and festive events.

Through the years  my aesthetics have been formed by the elegance of simplicity, the joy of imperfection, the priceless value  of a hand made piece made from an artisan, recognising the devotion that is meticulously inlaid into each artefact.

The objects I create emerge from thorough research into ancient Greek and Mediterranean cultures,
traditions and philosophy, engaging as contemporary artefacts that maintain a profound connection with the past.

All my creations are crafted using the basic ceramic techniques, exclusively with my hands and my wooden tools. I have a special passion to add little details , such as handles, that form the character and the uniqueness of each piece. Nothing is pre-decided but  I am always driven instinctively from simplicity. The final outcome of an object demands a long  and challenging process of shaping, drying, trimming, firing and each stage is catalytic for the final shape of the object. 

 All  the ceramics I create are to be used , decorate and celebrate the every day life.


Angelika originates from Corfu,Greece.

She holds a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Interior design and a MA (Master of Arts) in Ceramics.
She has participated in different exhibitions around europe and she is cooperating with museum art stores, architects, art collectors and other artists. She  is always open in different ideas and projects that aim to discover the unlimited outcomes of clay. 

She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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